Updating a join view oracle

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The Instant Client libraries provide the necessary network connectivity, as well as basic and high end data features, to make full use of Oracle Database.

It underlies the Oracle APIs of popular languages and environments including Node.js, Python and PHP, as well as providing access for OCI, OCCI, JDBC, ODBC and Pro*C applications.

Oracle neither evaluates nor makes any representations regarding the accessibility of these Web sites. Reverse engineering, disassembly, or decompilation of the Programs, except to the extent required to obtain interoperability with other independently created software or as specified by law, is prohibited.

TTY Access to Oracle Support Services Oracle provides dedicated Text Telephone (TTY) access to Oracle Support Services within the United States of America 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

Please consult the license agreement and your legal department for clarification, if necessary.

Oracle Spatial and Graph, formerly Oracle Spatial, forms a separately-licensed option component of the Oracle Database.

The spatial features in Oracle Spatial and Graph aid users in managing geographic and location-data in a native type within an Oracle database, potentially supporting a wide range of applications — from automated mapping, facilities management, and geographic information systems (AM/FM/GIS), to wireless location services and location-enabled e-business.

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