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Assuming that each of these three data represents the actual age of the layer, their weighted mean yields 609 ± 40 ka.

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This result demonstrates that the mandible is the oldest hominin fossil reported to date from central and northern Europe and raises questions concerning the phyletic relationship of ” fossils from Trinil in Java, the Mauer jaw is one of the classic finds of paleoanthropology.The fossil is an important key to understanding early human occupation of Europe north of the Alps.Given the associated mammal fauna and the geological context, the find layer has been placed in the early Middle Pleistocene, but confirmatory chronometric evidence has hitherto been missing.Ages of 607 ± 55 ka, 603 ± 56 ka, 554 ± 33 ka, and 502 ± 27 ka were obtained for the lower sands, whereas the upper sands gave ages of 508 ± 50 ka and 420 ± 23 ka (Fig. Eight herbivore teeth (five from the lower sands and three from the upper sands) were analyzed with the ESR-US technique (9).As reported in a previous study (10), most of the Mauer dental-tissue samples show evidence of postmortem uranium uptake, allowing the calculation of reliable ESR-US ages.

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