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Junbao is balanced and humble, but Tienbao is competitive and eager to advance.The two are wrongfully accused of cheating during a tournament and are expelled. Tienbao becomes a mercenary for an evil warlord, and Junbao joins a rebel group led by Michelle Yeoh.There is also some nice Jackie Chan style humour in the opening scenes that has some genuine warmth and it thankfully avoids the kind of overwrought melodrama and sentimentality that can mar this type of film.It's a shame that the story loses its way during the forced slapstick and silliness of Li's mental breakdown towards the end as it stalls the pacing quite badly, but it soon gets back on track for a suitably spectacular final showdown.Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, and Chin-Siu Ho not only carry this film by showcasing their martial arts, but they also put up enjoyable acting performances as well.

The sound effects are inferior, but it works out nicely when it's all said and done.They recall the ancient Indian ascetics and holy men known as rishi who possessed similar traits." - Victor Mair, Wandering on the Way The early legends about Master Chang San-Feng are linked with activities of Emperor Chengzu (1403-1424) who searched for Master Chang and other political refugees. Tai Ji Quan Treatise: Attributed to the Song Dynasty Daoist Priest Zhang Sanfeng. Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, 2011. This phenomenon indicates, that his energy had reached its peak.By 1459, Master Chang had been declared an Immortal and, as with most saints, stories of his miraculous powers became part of the folklore in the Wudang Mountain area. He had obtained the state where his Chi had been transformed into Shen or Spirit." - Bjrn Darboe Nissen, Tai Chi Chuan and the Human Being "Some have raised the question of Chang San Feng's existence as there is much legendary material about him.There may have been a number of male Taoist priests and hermits who chose to use the name Chang San-Feng. The Chang San Feng legend evolved during the Ming period (1368-1644), based on the close association of early Ming rulers with Taoism and Taoist priests, whose prophecies had supported the founder of the dynasty."Xian are immune to heat and cold, untouched by the elements, and can fly, mounting upward with a fluttering motion. Little is known about Zhang except that he is described as an eccentric, itinerant hermit with magical powers, who died once, but came back to life, and whose life, based on varying accounts, spanned a period of over 300 years.

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