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After a few drinks at her friends house, she decides to go home.When she finds herself a little tipsy, she is given the option to stay for the night instead of driving home, and grabs it with both hands.

All she really said was that I needed to get closer to my family. It would really relieve a lot of stress that we have been having in the house.Whitney starts feeling the effects of the pill and Angela is prepared to take full advantage of the opportunity.She asks Whitney to come and sit on her lap but Whitney hesitates, stating that it would be inappropriate. Looking a little flush, she removes Whitney's shirt and notices her nipples are as hard as a rock and wonders if this is a side effect of the medication.Naughty redheaded Orange County native Daisy Belle thought she could handle a rough ride, but she didn’t know how hard the brothaz’ in the San Fernando Valley rock that pussy! They were both aspiring actresses - well in fact, Sadie still is.Brittany Angel has a dark secret that she hopes her drunken hillbilly dad back home in Kentucky doesn’t find out about. She is so excited now she is living in Hollywood and ready to live the dream.

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