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A little black person encouraging another black person, Selina didn't forget about this part." The singer's legs are sacrificed in this brutal accident. The thing [healthy Selina] I want can't return anymore," Chang sobbed. " It is said their wedding would be hold on April 1 as planned, however, Chang announced it would be delayed indefinitely and the decision is made by him and Selina. The longer it delays, the better she would recover.Other than the bottom of her feet and toes, all other areas of her feet are ruined. "I think it needs 20 years for scars and everything to be healed. I hope she can be a pretty and happy bride on her big day." After seeing the excessive media reports about their wedding date, fiance Richard Chang decided to step out and clear things up as soon as he returned from his business trip."Jen goes through a lot of pain during her daytime recovery regimen, and cannot sleep at night due to itchiness and the heat, if we stick to the original marriage date, it would be very rushed."It would be a burden on her body and puts a strain on her emotionally, so we decided to delay [the wedding]," explained Chang. E group mates Ella Chen and Hebe Tien have expressed that they would turn up for the wedding, regardless of when it takes place.Chang said he will definitely announce it when he and Jen fix a new wedding date. "No matter when the wedding date is, your sisters (Jen's group mates) will be there," Chen and Tien said, in response to queries by Taiwan media.Singer-actress Selina Ren aka Jen Chia-Hsan of the popular Taiwanese group S. They were both rushed to the hospital, and it was later announced that they suffer from 3rd degree burns.In order to not create more pressure on her, they have both discussed things and they will be postponing the wedding to a future date.

"During the one hour ride to the hospital, Yu was encouraging her.

The heroic Yu immediately threw himself over Selina when the accident occurred, causing him to suffer injuries more serious than Selinas. E is a Taiwanese girl group whose members are Selina Ren, Hebe Tien, and Ella Chen.

Fortunately for Selina, her face did not suffer any burns from the accident. The name of the group is derived from the first letter of each member’s name.

Selinas SHE partners Hebe and Ella were also notified immediately.

HIM Records executive Derek Shih provided additional updates on his blog: Selina is suffering from 3rd degree burns on her arms, legs and back which will require skin grafts.

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