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The conclusion of the contract is without any delays confirmed by AGS by an information email sent to the email address selected by the Purchaser.

If the informational email is not sent to the email address picked by the Purchaser, the Purchaser’s order has not been delivered to AGS, thus the purchase contract has not been concluded.

The annex of this confirmation is the current version of the GTs including the Complaint Procedure of AGS.

The concluded contract (including the agreed price) may be changed or cancelled only based on the agreement of both parties, due to reasons stipulated by the law or in accordance with these GTs.

The employer of AGS may assist the Purchaser during the conclusion of the contract, either directly at the branch or on the phone and in the case of email order.

Before the Purchaser makes a binding confirmation of the order, the Purchaser has a right to change the demanded goods, transport method or the payment method, that means to control all data, which the Consumer has put in the order.

The result is the same if the Purchaser does not take over the item, although AGS has let him take it over.

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the consumer put the demanded thing (goods, services) in the basket, sends the order and such order will be delivered to AGS.

If it was not agreed how the thing shall be packed, AGS shall pack the thing according to the habitual practice; if such does not exist then in the way needed for preservation of the thing an its protection.

AGS shall in the same manner secure the thing for the transportation.

The rights arising of the defective performance and the guarantee quality provided to the Purchaser (consumer) shall be governed by the Complaints Procedure, which is inseparable part of this GTs.

The rights arising of the defective performance and the warranty provided to the Purchaser (entrepreneur) shall be governed by appropriate law.

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