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The 31-year-old actress spent her winter holiday in Maine with her new boyfriend, Taylor Goldsmith of the band Dawes, chronicling the trip with plenty of pics on Instagram.“I couldn’t think of a greater way to end one year and start another,” Moore captioned one pic.Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams‘ marriage is officially over.The pair finalized their divorce after six years of marriage, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. I’m just an excited goof about having a place to call home (that so many talented/lovely folks helped make a reality) and didn’t realize that anyone beyond friends/family would even care about the videos. Be sure to check out an emotional and explosive finale that caps off an incredible 1st season from a troupe of very talented folks (@Big Pants, @Mary EMc Glynn, @Eden Espinosa, @Zachary Levi, etc...) Sat am on @Disney Channel. Thank you for all of the incredibly gracious comments about last night’s ep of #thisisus.Get ready for some heavy discussions, both past and a tough one for Mama Pearson 😪.Here's me blowing out some candles with my favorite person in the world."Moore has been married once before, to singer-songwriter Ryan Adams.

Sorry, to burst your bubble, but Ventimiglia says they're not — and his reason totally makes sense. , Ventimiglia said it's best not to date your co-star.

Moore split from her former husband Ryan Adams in January 2015 after six years of marriage.

In early December, court documents revealed that Moore was petitioning Adams for spousal support, in part to take care of their eight cats and dogs.

“I think playing parents on screen now, you mainly sort of understand that it’s not easy and no one is perfect.” Playing parents to three children, the duo admitted they’ve since developed parental instincts and bonded with the younger members of their cast.

Referring to a selfie of himself with his onscreen children, Ventigmilia explained that he likes to take pictures with his co-stars to commemorate their time together.

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