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That’s the crystallized truth to pull from that whole thing. Often times we see Louis on the show struggling to make those connections with people and here’s someone coming to him with such an open heart and he can’t quite accept it. Here’s this seemingly nice, friendly, fun, together girl and he can’t quite go there with her. But as a watcher, you think maybe they’ll start dating.

It’s hard to tell but it seems like they crossed a giant hurdle in that moment together. There are a lot of moments like that where these people come into his life in a really profound way and sometimes you see them again and sometimes you don’t, and they all affect and change him.

“Marginalization of people with atypical bodies is still a sensitive social stigma for many people involved in online dating,” co-founder Neil Raman tells PEOPLE. So Raman, along with co-founder Michelle Li, built a Tinder-like interface where users can also swipe yes or no to the plus-size singles.

If there’s a match, they get 48 hours to message each other.

He’s the one who had all these amazing insights into what is a women’s issue for the most part.

It reminded me a lot of the turn at the end of the episode where Louis goes on a date with Parker Posey’s Liz.

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He takes her out as a gesture and it actually goes great until Vanessa refers to herself as fat, and Louis tries to stop her, which she finds utterly disappointing.And then ultimately they go, “Nah, I don’t want to exercise.” You see the hypocrisy, even within ourselves, all the things we tell and don’t tell ourselves, the things we let ourselves off the hook for. It was important to him that it not feel like Vanessa was like balling Louis out. But this is something she’s encountered before with guys, and she sees how ridiculous it is and wants him to understand that it’s difficult.To be a comedian, I think that’s what you’re doing, or at least if you’re the kind of comedian Louis is. He also said it shouldn’t feel like a speech that she’s prepared. It’s a conversation, and these are things that are just coming to her.So it was hard to do something that was so specifically about weight. I think he’d seen how nervous I was that day, so I think he was trying to tell me, “Look, you’re good, and you’re going to get these challenges.But to me, being a fan of the show, knowing how things are handled on the show and the way he framed it so beautifully, this was the time to do something about weight. So you need to be confident that you can meet these challenges.” It was like he was giving me this nice post-show pep talk thing.

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