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He suggests that the name is a combination of two words, "su" (water) and "bir" (wild land).

Towns such as Mangazeya, Tara, Yeniseysk and Tobolsk were developed, the last being declared the capital of Siberia.

A further variant claims that the region was named after the Xibe people.

He said that the neighbouring Chinese, Arabs and Mongolians (who have similar names for the region) would not have known Russian.

The publication informs about the development of the (...)Minoan Wave is the on board magazine of the Greek ferry operator Minoan Lines. It has a circulation of 27,500 copies and it is published in English.

The aim of this publication is to inform freight customers about the news, events and (...)The Grimaldi Magazine Mare Nostrum is the Group's onboard publication, designed to inform passengers about local events and places of interest to visit at the destinations served by Grimaldi Ferries in the Mediterranean.

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