Kartheiser dating

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The Issue They find out their love lives have some overlap.

“It’s something they probably would have never found out,” Kartheiser says.

He sounds more at ease with himself than weasel-like Pete, who talks quickly, in a clipped, high voice that drips with pomposity. Kartheiser usually wears his hair longer, shaggy and messy when he isn’t filming, instead of slicking it back.

In place of that smug Campbell grin, Kartheiser is mostly photographed sporting a plaid shirt and a big, goofy smile.

That happened a couple months after we were done filming. Me and Pete Campbell were never double-dating Alexis Bledel and Beth Dawes, no.

When Kartheiser returns home, he still visits the theater.Fans were shocked to see the actor who plays one of the creepiest men on television betrothed to Bledel, who is best known for playing Rory Gilmore, a sweet honors student from the teen drama “Gilmore Girls.” “Alexis is very different than Beth, and I’m not like Pete,” Kartheiser insists.“Actually, we were not dating when we worked together.Drake, now 65, has kept in touch with his younger co-star over the years via e-mail and watches him every week on “Mad Men.” “Vinnie is wild and crazy and filled with simplicity.And he knows how to channel it and use it on-camera, to temper the moment and yet know when you can be wild and crazy,” Drake says.

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