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Based in Michigan and launched in 2004, Jewish American Singles attempts to fill the niche of the middle-of-the-road website, claiming that Jewish dating sites fall into two classes: very expensive with lots of features and free or very inexpensive with few features.Jewish American Singles has the goal of becoming America's largest Jewish singles site.Frumster, as you might get from the name, is an Online Dating Site that concentrates matching Orthodox Jewish singles.And from their stats, it looks like they do it very well - since they launched they have helped at least one couple a day (on average) find each other.

For more information, visit Jewish American Singles.Through Jewish Internet dating such as JRetro, demographic challenges can be met head on, reaching into the heart and souls of Jewish singles; that is a great gift to the Jewish singles world of dating.About author: Suzanne Zettel is a Jewish Matchmaker on JRetro Match and works with Jewish Singles all over the world.They have a strong privacy policy, something they pride themselves on, and strive to continuously improve the site.With the apparently altruistic goal is to introduce Jews to Jews, they do charge a bit for their services (which isn't unreasonable, let's face it! In terms of prices, at the time of writing this, there were three levels of membership, that were structured in an interesting way.

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