Dating site murderer profile

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Meanwhile, he befriended Mr Kovari's Spanish boyfriend Thierry Amodio on Facebook under the guise of an American student in London called Jon Luck.

He preyed on the young man's grief to cover his tracks and ensure any suspicions would not be directed towards him.

It was written by Port as part of his elaborate cover-up.

Mr Waumsley sat in court as Port was found guilty of his boyfriend's murder and administering a substance.

Daniel Whitworth, 21, had been living with his partner Ricky Waumsley in Gravesend, Kent, after meeting through Lads Lads dating website.

He loved his work as a chef at One Moorgate Place and later Canary Wharf and was "passionate" about cooking, according to his partner.

‘He should get extra time added for this.’ Along with an accomplice, Noel Moran, Ward murdered his former friend in front of Mr Mill’s girlfriend and five-year-old daughter who were hiding in a wardrobe.

Ward is currently serving a minimum sentence of 17 years in HMP Swaleside, a category B prison.

He was found dead outside the communal entrance to Port's block of flats in the early hours of June 19 2014.

When he returned home at 1.10am on September 13 2015, his father Colin was still up.

But in the morning, his parents found him missing as he had hooked up on Grindr with Port and taken a minicab to Barking.

Around August 23, he moved to Port's flat in Barking where the killer agreed to put him up on the sofa rent free.

Mr Kovari told a friend he did not want to sleep with Port, who he described as "kinda different", but said the place was worth it.

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